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So Close But So Far…

I seem to be pretty terrible at keeping up with this journal… I’ve known my site placement for like two weeks now and I’m currently out on a 5-day project shadow in Mampong in the Asante Region of Ghana, and all of these things deserve to be treated on their own, but for now I’m [...]

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Last Day of Practicum

I haven’t written much about my practicum because I haven’t done a whole lot of teaching. In total, aside from the improvised lecture described in my previous post, I have taught three other classes, and two of them were today. Most of my scheduled classes were canceled for one reason or another. I will use [...]

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Morning Run…

Note: This post was written on 6/15/10.
The power is out and I’m trying to fall asleep to the sound of an impromptu choir outside. It’s like 10:40 PM right now. In the morning I’ll be able to find out who won the World Cup match between Italy and Ivory Coast. So far Ghana is the [...]


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