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The Case of the Missing Mouse

It’s funny how quickly you turn.
My last post was written somewhat as a victory celebration of a job well done. Way to go me!
This one, not so much.
My students have had the outline for their typing lessons since the beginning of the semester. Now that it’s the last weekend they’re all scrambling to get [...]

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As part of a half-assed New Years’ initiative to keep this blog updated at least once a month, I’m going to try something quite different: A short blog post. What? Me? Impossible!
No, not impossible. I promise this will be quick.
I’ve been listening to an audio-book of Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture” over [...]

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A Step Up…

Mema mo nyinaa adwo!
This is a post that I could not have written until today. The reason is that the computer I am typing this on would not have been working yesterday at this time of night. Here in Akropong, after 5:30 PM, the outlet voltage drops so low that the computers in the lab [...]

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One of the things that sucks about writing a blog is the fact that when you start one you feel the need for it to be somewhat comprehensive and consistent. I haven’t been either. My last post was a long philosophical rant about what the hell I’m doing here in the first place with no [...]

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