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Hello all,
It’s been quite some time since I have posted on this blog. A lot has been happening and I haven’t found myself with the time or the inclination to sit down and compile all the shit that’s gone down here into another massively long post that nobody is going to read. Basically, things suck [...]

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Site Visit

Mema mo nyinaa adwo! I am currently writing from what will soon be the computer lab in Castle Hall at the Presbyterian College of Education (PCE) in Akropong. This post is a test of the new internet connection. From the looks of it, the cellular receiver dish they installed last week seems to be working! [...]

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So Close But So Far…

I seem to be pretty terrible at keeping up with this journal… I’ve known my site placement for like two weeks now and I’m currently out on a 5-day project shadow in Mampong in the Asante Region of Ghana, and all of these things deserve to be treated on their own, but for now I’m [...]

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First Post From New Tafo

Maakye oo! Sorry to take so long to put up a post… I am writing to you all from an internet cafe in New Tafo, Ghana. This is the first time that I have been able to access the internet since I arrived in country last Friday. Unfortunately, for the time being, I do not [...]

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