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Last Day of Practicum

I haven’t written much about my practicum because I haven’t done a whole lot of teaching. In total, aside from the improvised lecture described in my previous post, I have taught three other classes, and two of them were today. Most of my scheduled classes were canceled for one reason or another. I will use [...]

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Practicum Day 1

Note: This was written on 6/16/10
Today was my first day of practicum. I woke up at 5:30AM thinking that I’d have enough time to go for a run and then head to class. Big mistake. I put my running shoes on and then my host mother says to me, “You are going jogging! Wait for [...]

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Morning Run…

Note: This post was written on 6/15/10.
The power is out and I’m trying to fall asleep to the sound of an impromptu choir outside. It’s like 10:40 PM right now. In the morning I’ll be able to find out who won the World Cup match between Italy and Ivory Coast. So far Ghana is the [...]




First Night of Homestay

Note: This was written on 6/12/10
It’s funny how when someone tells you that they’re going to leave a bucket in your room just in case you need to urinate that it only occurs to you after it’s too late that you’ve been locked in the house for the night. It’s my first night of homestay.
Every [...]

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