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Hi There, New Visitors! (circa 2015…)

Hi there!
This used to be my Peace Corps blog. There’s not much going on here anymore, however, my server is still pretty active with other sites that I have made. If you’re here to see what’s new, take a look at some of these links:

The Celebrate Language Audio Project
Celebrate Language Public API
The Oort Crowd!
For mobile [...]

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Hello all,
It’s been quite some time since I have posted on this blog. A lot has been happening and I haven’t found myself with the time or the inclination to sit down and compile all the shit that’s gone down here into another massively long post that nobody is going to read. Basically, things suck [...]

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First Post From New Tafo

Maakye oo! Sorry to take so long to put up a post… I am writing to you all from an internet cafe in New Tafo, Ghana. This is the first time that I have been able to access the internet since I arrived in country last Friday. Unfortunately, for the time being, I do not [...]

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Heal Well, Noble Gums!

“Fare thee well, noble molars One, Sixteen, Seventeen, and Thirty-Two! Thy sacrifice shalt not be forgotten, and thy wisdom shall live on in the memory of all those other molars, namely, Two, Fifteen, Eighteen, and Thirty-One, whose lives you impacted right down to the very roots of their being! May you find solace in the [...]


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